Having eighteen performances after its premier at the Spiegelhalle in Konstanz, Germany and having witnessed a great reception by the city of Konstanz, the play is set to be performed in Malawi for the next coming weeks. The first group which comprises four actors (Misheck Mzumara, Jeremiah Mwaungulu, Noah Bulambo and Dipo Katimba) and the two directors (Clemens Bechtel and Thokozani Kapiri) left for malawi on Sunday, the 8th of July and the rest (Susi Wirth, Michael Müller, Thomas Ecke and Julia) took their flight to Malawi on Wednesday, July 11.

The play is expected to be performed in Malawi on the 15th of July this year at Nanzikambe Arts theatre space in Blantyre. From there the play will be showcased in the country’s lakeside, in Mangochi district at the district hall on the 18th of July. The northern region will have their time to watch The Aid Machinery performance in Mzuzu on July 21 at Mzuzu university hall. The last performance in Malawi will take place on July 24 at Madsoc Theatre in Lilongwe, the capital city

After safely arriving in Malawi the last group of actors which comprises the Germany crew, had their first taste of Africa barely two hours of their being there. They apparently had a car breakdown as they were on their way to Blantyre from Lilongwe. What a way to get introduced to the African environment. So the crew got stranded along the way and had to search for a mere public transport to take them to their destination. Well, what else can be said?  All the best to World 3.0:The Aid Machinery.

(O’tooli Masanza)

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